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Join Me

If you would like to get directly involved in the campaign I'd love to hear from you.  There are several ways you can help.

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Request a yard sign

If you would like to host a yard sign at your home or business, just fill out the information below and I'll drop one off as soon as I can.

Thanks for your support!


Other Ways To Get Involved

Host An Event

Do you have space in your home, your community clubhouse or your business to invite friends and family over to meet with me?  If so, please consider hosting an event so we can talk about what everyone has on their minds.  You just provide the seats and refreshments and I'll bring the rest.


To schedule, reach out to me at:


Helping get the word out about my campaign will be another great way to get involved.  Either by visiting your neighbors on my behalf, sharing information and documentation at your business or even displaying one of my campaign stickers. Just let me know how you would like to assist.


Any financial support you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  While local campaigns don't carry nearly the same financial burden as state or national level campaigns, they do bring their own expenses.  From yard signs, to printing literature and producing campaign awareness items like window stickers, pens, hats and shirts, the costs add up quickly.

Curious if you live within the District 4 election boundaries?  Just click the button below to access a zoomable PDF map to pinpoint your address.  You can also look at the details on your voter information card.

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