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Goals & Objectives

Just as in my professional life, it's important to develop goals and objectives to work towards.  These targets provide direction and prioritization on where I will primarily invest my time and energy in my second term as your Supervisor.

Responsive Leadership

A key responsibility in my role as Supervisor is being responsive to you.  Listening to the community, responding to questions and providing information transparency is what you can expect from me.  Hearing your ideas and finding solutions to your concerns are my priorities.

You should have confidence in the safety and security where you live.  I will continue to work closely with the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office and York County Fire & Life Safety to help ensure they have the resources they need to serve you.

Safe Communities

Great Schools

It's no secret York County has a well regarded school system and is a very important resource for many of our families.  Great schools support the healthy neighborhoods we all want to live in.  I will continue to drive a focus on academic excellence in our schools to better prepare our youth for success in life.

In order to enjoy the services and facilities we've all come to expect from York County we have to seek out the necessary funding.  My challenge is to work on sourcing those funds with the lowest tax cost to you.  I will continue to pursue options to reduce our taxes as I have done since I began serving in this office.

Low Taxes

Land Use & Development

I will strive to ensure a balance between property rights, responsible development and conservation to support the best interests of York County residents.  I will work to preserve the character of our county while providing for sustainable growth. I have seen the negative effects of over-development in areas of Northern Virginia and elsewhere across the country.  I will work to ensure that we do not witness the same to our home.

Supporting our existing business community and actively seeking out opportunities to bring new businesses into York County is important.  We need a strong, vibrant business community to provide the goods and services we desire within the county.  I will continue to work on initiatives that will make York County an attractive place to bring in the businesses we want and that help our current businesses reach new levels of success.

Supporting Local Businesses

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